22Jun 2017



Choosing an Appropriate Web Hosting Service

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The best thing you can do while building a website would be to choose the appropriate web hosting services. Web hosting is a very important factor for any web site as this service makes your website accessible and available on the internet. There are different kinds of web servers that are appropriate for personal websites, business or e-commerce websites, and many other websites. Here in this article, you will explore Best web hosting providers in the US which is appropriate to you or your business.

Types of web hosting services
One of the most utilized web hosting services is ‘Shared web hosting’. This type of web hosting offers you a web server that is shared with other clients. Web entrepreneurs share the web server and resources like web space, data transfer, processor, as well as software programs. A large number of clients can share one web server, depending on its capacity and its resources.
One more type of web hosting service is the ‘Dedicated Web Hosting’. In comparison to ‘Shared web hosting’, ‘Dedicated web hosting’ services allot one server and its resources to only one user. The resources are not restricted and the safety level for data protection can also be set higher. Dedicated website hosting services may be managed or non-managed depending on the need of the Client.
Nevertheless, since the services and resources are not shared, ‘Dedicated hosting’ solutions can be extremely costly not just in terms of cost but also in terms of administration when you have the minimal understanding about web hosting.

Determine your need
When choosing a suitable Web hosting service for your website, you need to first figure out the particular traits of the web server that meets your requirements. Apart from the web design and structure of your website, your internet host will play a major role in accessibility and efficiency of your website.

If you are on a tight budget, free web hosting services offered by some of the web service providers can be of use. One drawback to being kept in mind while choosing free internet servers is the fact that they offer limited services and attributes. This means that they can only be used for websites for individuals and not for commercial level websites. There may be caps on space, data transfer as well as a limited safety level. These free hosting services generally display many advertisements posted by the hosting service providers to compensate for their free services.

Benefits of Hosting with DomainzGuru
The closer the server better the website speed. When a user visits your domain the browser look’s up to the DNS server. Domainz Guru Servers are strategically located across the U.S to ensure minimal lookup query. Thus rendering your site within few seconds. Our Servers are pre-loaded with one click application installers, you can choose from over 380 scripts which will help you launch your website within few minutes.

The most important benefit of hosting the website with Domainz Guru is the fact that, your company/Blog information is available 24/7 on the internet. We guarantee uptime SLA of 99.99%. Website owners need not worry about a breakdown in operation because our professional web hosting solutions provide back up of web servers and extremely qualified technical support teams manage the web service.

Domainz Guru’s Website hosting services in the U.S. are designed in such way to give individual users and businesses the chance to launch their website or blog on the internet. The web hosting service provider will allocate space on a server that is leased or owned by them, to the website owner.